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Thank you for your interest in the mission of Maggots.com. Please join me in the work of THROWING THE MAGGOTS OUT of office in Washington D.C. and state legislatures.

Maggots.com is an alliance of patriotic Americans united by a single mission: ending the corruption in Washington D.C. and state legislatures.

At Maggots.com we want to save America and preserve the liberty that our founding fathers sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to give us. We will not change the political landscape overnight but it starts with exposing one corrupt politician at a time. It starts by throwing the maggots out of office. Each month maggots.com will have a special feature on the Maggot (i.e. corrupt politician) of the month. See the link to the left MAGGOT OF THE MONTH.

Despite the many obstacles in front of us, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The fact is, with the current outrage over the broken promises that so-called pro-life, pro-gun, lower-tax, less-spending, secure-the-boarders, accountable-to-the-people politicians give us, you and I have the best opportunity ever to throw the maggots out. So please help me expose the corrupt politicians who make a living saying one thing at election time and then doing nothing in the legislature the rest of the time ---- nothing that is except to spend money, raise taxes, and destroy our God-given liberties.

Yes we face an uphill battle because maggot politicians from both parties will use every trick available to stop us from exposing their lies and corruption. Nevertheless, this is a fight you and I must carry on, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

  Copyright 1996 -2006 Alex Butler