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WHY Mr. Wolf?

Turning Frank Wolf around is our best hope of having a real Republican representing the 10th District in 2006.

If Frank Wolf continues to refuse to answer the questions below, it is time to implement a strategy for electing a responsive Republican Congressman.

Why did you support extending the Metro to Dulles Airport, a $4 billion boondoggle before considering cost overruns that could double the cost of this project?  You have alienated fiscally responsible Republicans who remain in shock and awe over this proposed lavish expenditure of scarce taxpayer dollars for the benefit of a few well connected landowners.  According to government studies, the rail extension will do nothing to alleviate the traffic gridlock, while siphoning billions from other viable transportation projects in the region.

Why did you promise to run only 4-5 times and then break your promise?

Why did you vote against Republican Steve Chabot’s Private Property Rights Implementation Act, which was one of the fixes to the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision legalizing the theft of private property for use by big business?

Why won’t you sponsor the Life at Conception Act with other Virginia Republican Representatives, Bob Goodlatte (R-VA 6th District), Randy Forbes (R-VA 4th District), and Jo Ann Davis (R-VA 1st District)?

Why are you the ONLY Virginia Republican candidate endorsed by Citizens for Global Solutions, an organization committed to destroying U.S. sovereignty, building a one-world government, and defeating Senator GEORGE ALLEN?  Why won’t you disavow their support and give the money back that you have taken from them?

Why did you vote against the Online Freedom of Speech Act? Republican Speaker Hastert said after the vote, "Today's action marks a sad day for one of our nation's most sacred rights: freedom of speech.”

Why did you vote against allowing American Citizens to own guns in crime-infested Washington, D.C., depriving District residents from a fundamental constitutional liberty that most of us take for granted, and in a typical bureaucratic fashion, calling for another crime commission?

Why did you vote against the GOP party leadership’s rule change requiring congressmen to identify themselves with spending requests (i.e., “earmarks”) they hide in appropriation bills? Mr. Wolf’s vote against disclosing earmarks is particularly disturbing to fiscally responsible Republicans, who  continue to be shocked by earmarks like the Bridge to Nowhere, sponsored by Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), or the “mother of earmarks” proposed by Rep. Tom Davis (R- 11th), a $1.5 billion slush fund for Metro.

Why won’t you disavow your recent endorsement by the Washington Post, a liberal newspaper that consistently endorses Democrats over Republican candidates?

Go to   www.baconsrebellion.com/Issues06/10-23/Rodokanakis.php for online links to verify the facts about Mr. Wolf’s record contained in this letter.


  Copyright 1996 -2006 Alex Butler