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Questions Senator Allen should Ask Jim Web about U.S. Sovereignty and Webb’s CGS endorsement

Now that the anti-American, pro one-world-government PAC at Citizens for Global Solutions has endorsed Jim Webb for U.S. Senate, Senator Allen ought to demand that Webb answer some important questions?
1.  Jim, why is a PAC that wants to destroy the sovereignty of our nation endorsing you?
2.  Jim, what did you promise these people to earn their endorsement?
3.  Jim, did you promise to help them fulfill their goal of ceding American sovereignty to an international court?
4.  Jim, did you promise to give more American taxpayer money to the U.N?
5.  Jim, did you promise to help create a U.N. police force?
6.  Jim, did you promise to help America stop making nuclear weapons?
7.  Jim, did you promise to help the U.N. outlaw the sale of firearms?
I would hate to think that Jim Webb did any of those things.  But he must have said or done SOMETHING to earn the endorsement of such an anti-American group.  Given the fact that he is now cuddling up to Hillary Clinton in Washington Post photo ops, the inconceivable is at least now plausible.  Webb may have indeed sold his soul to the anti-American left.  Jim Webb at a MINIMUM needs to start explaining what he did to get the endorsement of Citizens for Global Solutions.
Action Items:
1.  Call Jim Webb at (703) 778-4080 and tell him to come clean and explain what he did to get the endorsement of Citizens for Global Solutions.
2.  Call Senator Allen (703) 845 3689 and encourage him to demand an explanation from Jim Webb as to what Webb did to earn the approval of such an anti-American organization.
For Liberty
Mike McHugh
President, Virginia Gun Owners Coalition   


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