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Corruption:  Dishonest criminal conduct that poisons an individual’s character and integrity, allowing them to freely violate a trusted position in order to secure their own personal gain.

Scum:  An undesirable surface layer that deposits itself upon corrupt politicians.

Greed: An overwhelming influence that causes a politician to abuse the power of their position by accepting bribes to acquire more than they need or deserve.

Accountability:  Item deleted, no longer in use.

Slime:  A slick, vicious and repulsive smelling substance that is secreted from corrupt politicians.  Also the overlying cloud formation that positions itself above Capitol Hill.

Bribe:  Something offered or given to a corrupt politician usually in the form of money, power or sex, which will sway their views or conduct without regard to any moral or ethical standards.

No Comment:  A side stepping procedure used by a slimy individual (corrupt politician) in order to evade answering any embarrassing questions without having to lie. A means of Stalling for more time when they have no lie available.

Legalized Thieves:  Maggots that are given the ability to control other people’s money for their own benefit and that of a select few.  A thief or crook who has been given the Legal means of controlling your tax dollars.

  Copyright 1996 -2006 Alex Butler