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Scandal: An incident involving corrupt politicians that abuse public trust, causing disgrace for themselves and public outrage.

Slime: A slick, vicious and repulsive smelling substance that is secreted from corrupt politicians. Also the overlying cloud formation that positions itself above Capitol Hill.

Scam: A dishonest, illegal business or political scheme that uses a vast amount of cheating and deception to acquire money or power.

Deception: Engaging in false and dishonest actions or statements in order to misrepresent the truth. Also used to conceal the truth from the public to protect ones Rear End when involved in a scandal.

Fraud: A deception deliberately practiced to secure unfair or unlawful gain, usually at Tax Payer’s Expense.

MAGGOT: An irresponsible, deceitful fiend that refuses to accept responsibility for their own actions and slimy ways. A vicious abuser of public trust, who has a shortage of conscience and moral standards.

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